Mary Paterson

Author / Teacher / Adventurer

Website for: Mary Paterson, author of the spiritual memoir, The Monks and Me: How 40 Days in Thich Nhat Hanh’s French Monastery Guided Me Home; yoga/meditation instructor; Buddhist practitioner; adventurer.


I offer private writing coaching to writers of all levels and love sharing the powerful techniques I've learned along the way from a variety of sources: great writers, award-winning editors, and my own technical training and experience as a published author and certified meditation instructor.

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Compelling writing requires risk. The stories that readers are drawn to are the narratives in which the writer has courageously examined complex human experiences with vulnerability, honesty and a very big bold heart. It takes courage to write the truth that lives deep inside of you. And it takes work and consistent effort to develop courage. When you write exactly what you think, about what obsesses you, what scares you, what you intensely desire to fully understand, readers will connect very deeply with your stories. Ultimately, as you write, you must make yourself cry and laugh. You must inspire yourself. Then, you will touch the universal with your personal tales, ultimately uplifting readers - the greatest achievement of all.

Take-away Benefits from your Private Sessions

  • Target and magnify your unique voice

  • Discover what obsesses you as an artist

  • Understand the rhythm and cadence and conversational style of 'page-turning' writing

  • Learn how to develop consistency in tone

  • Learn specific methods to blast through illusions and morph into a courageous creator!

  • Dive deeply into your intense emotions and learn how to transfer those feelings onto the page to electrify your writing.

  • Have at your command a variety of writing techniques that great authors use to create raw, funny, sad, frightening, beautiful and truly up-lifting stories.

  • Learn crucial editing techniques

  • Discover the best way to structure your story

  • Meditation instructions designed specifically for your unique artistic needs

  • Proven methods and strategies to find a literary agent and get your work published


"Mary's natural-born ability to teach and  mentor is greatly enhanced by her highly intuitive and enlightened nature. It is rare to see a teacher with such ethereal gifts! She is an altogether fearless guide who does not falter in leading her students down the creative path. Mary so generously and openly  shares the fruits of her own writing journey with us, her students ,and does so with absolute candour. What an exceptionally inspiring individual she is, and it has truly been a joy to have had the opportunity to learn from her in several courses and workshops over the years."
~ F. Romano

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