Mary Paterson

Author / Yogi / Teacher / Traveler

Website for: Mary Paterson, author of the spiritual memoir, The Monks and Me: How 40 Days in Thich Nhat Hanh’s French Monastery Guided Me Home; yoga/meditation instructor; Buddhist practitioner; adventurer.


I offer private yoga and meditation sessions specializing in techniques that build mental resilience and physical health. I have been trained by masters in India and Nepal and feel compelled to be of service to those in need.

"Joy is a natural phenomenon. Misery is your creation."

Here's a great NY Times article ~ To Train and Athlete Add 12 Minutes of Meditation


"Mary is clearly a spiritual and creative guide who acts as a bridge between our seemingly mundane lives and the deeper dwelling of our hearts." 
~ Janelle Clarke-Brutus

Take-away Benefits from your Private Sessions

  • Identify your unique emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.
  • Learn yoga and meditation practices designed specifically for you.
  • Discover how to enhance your gifts, and gain the courage to express yourself fully.
  • Enhance your awareness of negative habits and learn proven methods to change them.
  • Learn how to blast through illusions and become friends with reality.
  • Understand the nature of intense emotions and experience the liberating power of acceptance.
  •  Feel all your relationships become deeper and more meaningful.
  • Become more kind and loving toward yourself and all living beings.