Mary Paterson

Author / Teacher / Adventurer

Website for: Mary Paterson, author of the spiritual memoir, The Monks and Me: How 40 Days in Thich Nhat Hanh’s French Monastery Guided Me Home; yoga/meditation instructor; Buddhist practitioner; adventurer.

TESTIMONIALS - Yoga and Meditation Courses/Retreats

"I was fortunate enough to be apart of two of Mary's Meditation Courses (The Moon Magic Meditation Course 2018 and The Potent Power of the Sun Meditation Course 2018). Mary is a very thoughtful teacher with a kind heart and a sincere interest in her student's wellbeing. Her courses are extremely well organized and filled to the brim with meditation tools and tips that will last a lifetime. Mary's teachings include an abundance of insight and mindful education. She excels at creating a safe space for personal growth and introspective development. I would recommend Mary to anyone looking to try meditation for their first time; to anyone who has done some meditation and is looking for a tune-up; or to people who are regular meditators looking for an inspirational group to grow their practice with."
Ryanne Scott, Toronto, Canada

"Thank you deeply, Mary.   The retreat, sharing time together, your guidance and new acquaintance has been life altering for me.  The ripples of impact will continue for some time and I will most certainly continue my spiritual learning and practice.  I am excited to continue in my growth. I have become curious again, in new ways.  I am figuring out what's next to stay true to me!"
~ Anna Duva, Toronto, Canada

"Mary's teaching is full of wonders: open, challenging, and healing, with a place for students from every level and background. Her teaching is built from years of deep experience in kundalini and vinyasa yoga, professional dance, chanting in many traditions, and buddhist meditation. Every student seems to find just what they need; physically, mentally, and spiritually... I am buoyed by new tools and a renewed sense of joy..."
~ Ellen Scordato, New York, New York, USA

"I attended an incredible yoga retreat that Mary led in Costa Rica. She created a deeply nourishing 9 days set in one of the most exquisite places I’ve been to. The days were  perfectly paced, and offered everything I needed - energetic yet mindful yoga classes, soulful meditations, and time to relax as well as play and explore. I felt as though I could truly exhale and was restored in the process. I came away with new friends and inspiration to continue and sustain my daily practices at home. I truly loved every minute of it and would certainly join her again." 
~ Ainslie Cyopik, Vancouver, B.C.

”I was blessed to attend a yoga retreat at the wonderful Ylang Ylang Beach Resort. It is honestly difficult for me to put into words this experience of a lifetime. Mary is an exceptionally gifted Kundalini yoga instructor. She is also an extraordinary & kind person. I do have to add that the food was some of the best & healthiest I have ever eaten. I pray that I am fortunate enough to attend another yoga retreat with Mary at any place.” My Gratitude.
~ J. Reichenbacher, Toronto, Canada

"Being on a yoga retreat with Mary is a life altering experience.  She competently and powerfully guides you through your yoga practice every morning and leads beautiful meditations in the evening.  I  have been on 4 retreats with this wonderful teacher and each time I have been able to work deeper, relax faster and trust that all logistical details are taken care of (and many spiritual ones as well).  Every retreat has had a profoundly positive and long lasting effect on my life, and I continue to build on the work I have done while away enjoying sun, sand and surf yoga, delicious food and great people.  I am an ever-grateful participant.  Thank you Mary!"
~ Alison Robinette, Toronto, Canada